This I Do For Me!

Today is June 11, 2011. I have been on Weight Watchers for over three months now, losing 13.6 pounds. It is so exciting to see the weight loss, to open the closet and try on clothes I haven’t been able to wear before. Many still have tags on them. I suppose opening my closet, finding these clothes and trying them on is like going shopping and trying on a smaller size, only the money spent was years ago.
Originally, I anticipated losing 20 pounds by the third month; however, that just isn’t realistic — at least not for me! Many of my friends are encouraging me, telling me how great I am looking, but for me, it isn’t the time to expect others to notice my weight loss.

Weight Watchers has become a part of my life now – just like checking my e-mail, doing household chores, laundry and other demands, although Weight Watchers is not demanding. I attend my meetings on Thursday morning with a new excitement. Totally changed from the traumatic first day when my heart palpitated and I was so humiliated to hop on the scales. With each weight loss, I am happy to share, and there have been two times when I have admitted a slight weight gain. All of this goes with the territory. Weight Watchers is a new way of life for me…just like awakening early in the morning, taking a brisk 5K walk with my pups and meeting the demands of a busy life. I have managed to schedule time for me…Weight Watchers…this I do for me! Feels so good!

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