Update on Ralph H. Johnson VA Hospital!

Early this morning, my husband went to Ralph H. Johnson VA Hospital E-R, diagnosis of a most painful and infected ingrown toenail. Lately, it appears he is having trouble with his feet, probably a side effect and symptom of Diabetes. If you read my blog regularly you probably recall how furious I was a few months ago with this hospital and their Veterans care.

Today, I am pleased to report — his experience at the hospital was a good one. While it is true, I did not go with him, he is a man of truthfulness and reported back to me that the customer service as a veteran was a good one.

He wasn’t able to see a podiatrist since the doctor is on a medical leave and his regular doctor is on leave this weekend; however, yesterday, she did return his phone call in a prompt manner, so it appears that the service at Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center is improving!

Thank you! The last time I went with my husband, I almost had a cat fight with a certain nurse — and that is something I do not normally do! Nevertheless, like most women, there are certain buttons that can push me and when she reported to me in her condescending manner that “you can always go somewhere else,” — the emotions on my face were certainly an effective body language. Fortunately, for me, I chose to be diplomatic and walk away, but inside — let’s just say, my feathers were ruffled — big time.

So, I am happy to report my husband did receive a bit of service today, and reportedly, he will see a podiatrist. The question is when!??!

Nothing like the military cliché — “Hurry up and wait!” At least customer service is improving! Thank you Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center. You obviously are listening!  Our Veterans deserve good service and kindness and I must remember to practice that when my hubby’s PTSD kicks in. Let’s just say — he really pushes my buttons, ruffles my feathers and at times, can bring out the beast in me, and I do not like it when I am a beast!  I like to be a nice person, not someone that loses her cool!

Have a great day!

4 thoughts on “Update on Ralph H. Johnson VA Hospital!

  1. bruce bailey

    Yes I know what you felt with the condescending manner of V.A. employees. At the Arizona V.A. I applied for hudvash and the treatment was completely appalling, as I felt they did and said everything possible to make me go away. A Michelle Cook, alias Michelle Kierstead, was my social worker and in charge of the program when I believe she used me as a personal case study. Whats most wicked over all, no one in the system would do anything for me but they did their best to make me feel like i had a mental breakdown. I do not know why this was the case especially as I was honorably discharged. Did I refuse to do my job or mess with anothers mental capicity while I seved and recieved that honorable to obtain such disgusting treatment?

    1. Dearest Bruce:

      I am so sorry for the treatment you received at a VA Hospital. According to many professionals I have spoken with, the VA Hospitals are making a strong attempt to improve treatment within their hospitals. After my husband’s experience, I received many phone calls from the higher ups — apologizing for the behaviors of the nurse. Sometimes it does take the ‘squeaky wheel to get the oil…’ and I am never shy about speaking up. I do hope you will keep in touch and will continue to pursue the treatments you are entitled to receive — that is, good, professional and caring treatment. I am happy to report, the recent visits my husband has experienced at Ralph H. Johnson VA Hospital have been much better…kinder…and much better service. Everyone has a bad day, but that is not an excuse to mistreat our veterans. After all, they endure many bad days…on the front lines and combat zones fighting to keep America the land of the free. My thanks to you, and to all of you precious veterans. May God bless you!

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