Doggie Weight Watchers —

If you are a regular visitor to my blog, you will know last March I joined Weight Watchers to lose a bit of weight. Pleased to say, it is working; however, last year after joining WW, my pups went to the vet for their yearly wellness check. Two of my pups needed to ‘lose a few pounds,’ according to my fabulous vet.

That got me to thinking. Why not create a doggie weight watchers plan? My pups eat healthy, like I do, but my husband and I had the tendency to reward them a bit too much. So, we sat down, put our thinking caps on and I decided it was time to cut back on the snacks, and to add vegetables to their dog food. I went to the pet store, purchasing a weight control dog food that is healthy and mixed green beans and a dab of water to their dry food.

Today, I had to take my oldest pup to the vet to check a few skin tags that appear to be growing. My main concern was tumors…Fortunately, the items on his legs are only skin tags, but we are scheduling him for surgery.

The doctor complimented Shamus on his weight loss of 6 pounds. I laughed. Doggie Weight Watchers, I said. My vet looked at me with a curious look. “Doggie Weight Watchers,” and then I had to explain my new lifestyle and weight loss with Weight Watchers.

So, if you have a dog that needs to drop a few pounds, apply the Doggie Weight Watchers plan. Feed them green beans, or fresh veggies that they will eat, and mix a bit of water with their food. Make certain the pups get regular exercise. We are up to walking three miles daily. I cannot wait to share my doggie weight watchers story at Weight Watchers this week. Everyone will probably laugh, thinking I am just a bit insane. LOL!

Just a bit? Perhaps, but my pups do Doggie Weight Watchers — because it works!

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