Andy Griffith Dies

Today we mourn the loss of an entertainment icon — Andy Griffith. Reportedly, he died this morning, July 3, 2012. As a child, I remember watching The Andy Griffith Show on TV. Aunt Bee and Opie were two of my favorite characters. Now, older, wiser, I still cherish the memories of Andy Griffith, along with his many shows and spin-offs from The Andy Griffith Show, including Mayberry RFD. Later, I watched Matlock, enjoying the characters and storyline as well.

Andy Griffith appeared to be the type of Hollywood icon that everyone liked. He was kind and caring. He was genuine, softspoken. The older I get, the more I watch these iconic celebrities of childhood simply passing away. Andy Griffith, I hope you will rest in peace while entertaining all of my family members and loved ones that are awaiting your arrival. Now, there are too many to name, but I would like you to know, I will miss Andy Griffith. His legacy will live on as I watch Matlock on Hallmark Movies and occasionally I’ll find an Andy of Mayberry rerun. Rest in peace, Andy of Mayberry. Your sweet smile and demeanor will be missed. There aren’t many Hollywood types I can say that about, but Andy Griffith was someone to respect and admire.

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