Happy Easter 2017

Dearest Readers:

April 16, 2017 – Easter. Today is a beautiful, sunshiny day in Charleston, SC. A glorious day to give thanks, and to share religions around the world.

As a little girl, my family would go to church with our grandparents at Beallwood Assembly of God Church, Columbus, GA. Sitting in the church, listening to the sermon and singing, everyone compared their ‘Easter outfits.’ My grandparents always made certain we (the four girls in the family) had new clothing and sparkling new shoes. My Gramma insisted, even though she did not buy a new dress for herself. Gramma worked at the Bibb Mill, so money was always tight. She was her happiest looking at us, all looking our ‘Sunday Best,’ for church and the Easter dinner after church. As a little girl, I insisted to my grandmother. ‘My shoes must have a heel.’ Gramma bought me beautiful French pumps. Oh, how I loved them. On Easter Sunday, I pranced around in those shining white shoes with a pretty white bow and French pumps, and my new dress, parading around like a pageant queen so everybody in church would notice me. I would spin around and around. My hair was styled in a French twist and a bow, matching my shoes. Oh…yes…I was something fancy in my Easter Sunday Best! Easter was a special time to enjoy the holiday and the fun of getting new clothes and the beginning of my lifetime passion of high heels!

But…Easter is MORE than a holiday. MORE than new shoes and clothing. So Much More!

For me, Easter is a time to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. A time to give thanks and start life anew. According to the website: https://www.thoughtco.com/what-is-easter-700772 “Christians believe, according to Scripture,  Jesus came back to life, or was raised from the dead, three days after his death on the cross. As part of the Easter season, the death of Jesus Christ by crucifixion is commemorated on Good Friday, always the Friday just before Easter.”

I no longer get a new, fancy dress or heels for Easter. Nor do I get in the social aspect of who is wearing the prettiest shoes, the highest heels, or, the fanciest ‘bonnet.’ I give thanks that Easter is a time to be thankful that Jesus came back to life three days after his death. Every year at Easter I take time to appreciate the religion and faith my grandmother taught me, especially her belief that God listens to us and He is always there for us. Gramma had the gift of visions. When she passed, I am convinced she shared that gift with me. Some of my friends probably think I am weird since I have visions, but for me, I am thankful! Gramma is still inside of my heart and I give thanks to God for knowing such a devoted grandmother.

Living in Charleston, South Carolina now, I went back to Columbus, GA a few years ago, driving by the church, Beallwood Assembly of God. When I drove by, I did not recognize the church. Abandoned, needing many repairs, no longer named Beallwood Assembly of God, I realized some things never stay the same. Suddenly I felt an emptiness I didn’t anticipate.

As a young girl, my family placed our roots in that church. Footprints. Tears. Memories. All gone.

Today, I like to give thanks for the foundation for religion and faith I discovered at Beallwood. Even as a rebellious teenager, angry that my parents were divorcing, I found a bit of new life and thankfulness at that church. I listened to the minister, recognizing that some of his sermons were directed right at me. Just how did he know I needed his sermons? Was God talking to him…telling Brother Bacon I was a bad girl who was angry and perplexed that my life was falling apart simply because my parents were divorcing?

I suppose I will never know. My parents are gone now. My mother and I rarely spoke before she died of a stroke, and a few other questionable situations. My father and I were extremely close and I give thanks every day that I survived my childhood.

Easter is a special time, even if I honor and celebrate it for different reasons now. I still have a strong faith and I know God listens to me and He loves me. I do not rush out to buy an ‘Easter outfit,’ nor do I purchase a fancy Easter bonnet. I cook a nice Easter dinner. This year, I am baking a ham. Mashed potatoes. Fresh sautéed green beans and a pineapple casserole. Dessert is a home baked triple chocolate cake.

It is sad my son and his family will not be with us. There is a long story there, not to be published here on my blog. I will wish them “Happy Easter,” and I will pray that one day their eyes will open to recognize nothing is more important than family.

So, dearest Readers, I’d like to wish all of you a Happy Easter. May you enjoy this beautiful day and please remember to thank God for your life…your family…and your health.

Happy Easter!




Happy Easter to The World!

Dearest Readers:

This will be an extremely brief post on my blog due to issues — all due to the pollen — with my right eye. If I go outside without sunglasses, my right eye is kissed with pollen — turning beet red. So, since this will be brief, please allow me to get to the point of this blog.

Today, all around the world, is Easter. A day to celebrate, appreciate, and recognize this holiday is significant since it is all related to the passing of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Today, we celebrate in remembrance of the significance of Jesus Christ.

To all of my family and friends, I wish you a joyous celebration. We will celebrate with an Easter dinner with a few of our friends. I hope all of you are remembering and enjoying this Easter Sunday. Today in Charleston, the weather is a bit ‘iffy’ with gray clouds, much wind, and I am quite certain the pollen is ‘blowing in the wind.’

I am a bit pleased that we have plans with friends since my eye is so red — AGAIN! I suppose I will have to make an eye doctor’s appointment — only to be told — ‘your right eye is allergic to the pollen!’ What do you want to bet that will be the diagnosis?!???

On this day, Easter Sunday, I like to reflect on some of the good memories I have about Easter and my childhood. Normally, our Easter Sunday was spent with my maternal grandparents. The four girls in our family received Easter baskets from the Easter bunny, until we started questioning the “Easter bunny.” Nevertheless, every Easter Sunday, we received new Easter dresses from our grandparents. How I LOVED dressing up at Easter time. Dressing up in my ‘Sunday Best’ — as good ole Southern women would whisper — wearing nylons, or tights, a beautiful, brightly colored Easter dress, and new heels. I say heels because they were the only Easter shoes I EVER desired. Those of you who know me and the high heels I wear must understand — don’t you? I LOVE nylons and high heels!

On those special Easter Sundays of my youth, I recall the church we went to would have an Easter picnic at the fellowship hall. All of us ‘little ladies’ would prance around — or would it be — priss around — to show our Easter dresses off to all of the boys. I remember spinning around, and walking as if I had a book on my head! Such a prissy little brat! The dinner contained every delicious dish you could ever imagine eating, including the Easter cakes, Southern desserts, and one little woman would bring a “Jesus birthday cake.”

Such delicious memories I have, and I confess, as an adult, I have never enjoyed Easter nearly as much since losing my grandmother. I have no idea how my sisters feel about Easter, but my memories of Grandma and Papa and our Easters at their house were the best. I remember sitting next to Grandma. She would open her Holy Bible to the scriptures, underlining these precious words with a red ink pen. No highlighters! I remember singing along with the choir, and occasionally glancing at some of the boys. When Grandma patted me on the leg, I knew — I must behave and pay attention to ‘the word of our Lord.’ How I wish I had Grandma’s Holy Bible in my collection of books. I have no idea what happened to it, but I do recall she wrote the complete and final request of how her funeral was to be in the back pages of that Bible. Her one song request, “Asleep in Jesus.” I found it at a music store and someone sang it at her funeral. How I hope and pray someone in our family still has Grandma’s Holy Bible. If I did, I would open it today to read and reminisce about those Easter Sundays with Grandma. I would look at and touch the words highlighted in red ink, knowing that many, many years ago, my Grandmother touched those same words! Maybe one day soon I’ll write a story about Grandma’s Holy Bible.

Not a bad idea!

Happy Easter, World. Let us all appreciate what this season represents.

Happy Easter

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dearest Readers:

Today is Easter, so as the tradition goes, I would like to wish all of you a most Happy Easter. The religious holiday of Easter is early this year. Normally, I look for it after the warm spring holidays begin. For this year, in the Holy City of Charleston, SC, we haven’t had many warm days this month. Most days, the mornings were chilly where you needed to wear a sweater or jacket in the mornings, and sometimes, throughout the day. Our spring fling hasn’t begun. This morning, I awaken to 61 degrees outside. Hello Spring Time! Pouring a fresh cup of coffee, just to awaken, I saw the morning sunshine in the midst of dark clouds. The weather forecast for today is rain, and now, as I look outside my windows while writing this, I see only gray clouds, darkness, and I believe I hear raindrops. But it’s Easter, you say…the day for me to wear my Easter bonnet and “Sunday best” just for Easter….

Easter is the Christian celebration of the resurrection of Christ. Christians believe (and I am definitely a Christian) that Jesus was crucified for our sins. Burying his body in a large cave, a boulder blocked the entrance. According to traditional stories in the Bible, and beyond, on Sunday the entrance to Jesus’ gravesite was open and “Jesus has risen!” was discovered by a few women, including the Virgin Mary.

As a child, I was taught to celebrate Easter, like most children are taught. Living in a mill village for many of those years, my family did not have the money to splurge on Easter bonnets, frilly dresses, and pumps and Easter baskets. Our grandparents catered to the four girls in my family by buying us these pretty items. So, on Easter Sunday, I made certain I was dressed to impress in my Easter dress. I’ve always enjoyed dressing lacy and glitzy, so Easter Sunday was a day I wore my new dress until the evening. Colorful bows, matching my outfit were worn in my hair. I wanted to shine! Easter Sunday, my family went to church and if my memory is correct, we celebrated an Easter feast at the fellowship hall of Beallwood Assembly of God Church. After we ate, the Easter Egg Hunt began. I did not wish to get myself dirty, so instead of looking for Easter eggs, I spent time with the boys. Imagine that!

Today, I will have a quiet Easter with my husband and neighbors. Since 2010, there has been a new tradition in our neighborhood with one of our greatest neighbors inviting us to an Easter feast with the neighbors. I look forward to seeing all of them again, enjoying a quiet, relaxing Easter day celebration, while remembering why the world celebrates Easter.

To all of you reading this, I hope your Easter is filled with the traditions of the season – the belief in Christianity, the Resurrection of Christ, the symbolism of life and death and the passing into a new divine life. As for traditions, may you enjoy the traditions you practice with your family and friends. May you feast on lamb, baked ham, and all the delicious foods of Easter. May your children find the Easter eggs while enjoying all the goodies the Easter bunny gave them. Still, I reflect on the Easter holidays I celebrated with my grandparents and the traditions they instilled upon us, their bratty, spoiled granddaughters. My grandmother truly believed in spoiling us, while teaching us about religion and the power of faith. Grammy taught me wisely, as I watched her actions. My belief in the power of prayer is a credit to her and watching her bowing at her knees, while looking up into the sky as she folded her hands and prayed for God to help her with the burdens in her life. Sometimes, I listened to her praying, hiding behind a curtain so she could not see, or hear me. Once, she caught me. When she asked why I was hiding I looked up at her, tears dripping down my face.

“Grammy,” I said…”I was listening to you praying. I wanted to know why you are so sad and praying all the time.”

“I have a burden. God listens to it. He will help me with the burdens I have.”

Now older and wiser, I understand a bit about her burdens. Our family life was not a happy time. Now, as I look back, I feel blessed that I had such a significant role model within the hands, faith and body of my precious grandmother. She instilled in me the power of prayer, and the belief that God is always listening to us, hearing our burdens, while at times, He may test us, just to see IF we still believe.

On Easter Sunday 2013, I will say, I still believe. I have faith. I have strength. During my lifetime, God has guided me during times of trouble, and during times of sheer faith. I hope your Easter Sunday will be blessed. Please take a moment to look up into the skyline, even if it is laced with gray clouds and raindrops. Look at it this way. The raindrops are washing the blanket of pollen away, along with the cleansing of cobwebs from our minds. Today, Easter Sunday, is the day to believe that there is a new day blooming inside of us. A new chapter, or a new journey in our lives may start today. Have your faith. Dress your finest, share those beautifully decorated Easter eggs with your children and loved ones while knowing Easter Sunday is truly symbolic — a new beginning, on a new horizon! Happy Easter!